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Vehicle shelving, ladder racks, cab dividers & accessories...

When you buy from Action Auto Sales you will get great deals on shelving, ladder racks, cab dividers, cargo flooring and accessories systems for your commercial vehicle!

  • Ladder Racks starting at $899
  • Shelving Units starting at $499/per section
  • Cab Dividers starting at $649
  • Cargo Flooring starting at $299

Browse through our cargo van packages today! Cash and carry price, installation extra.

Why Have a Cab Divider?

Canadian Federal law requires employers to protect vehicle occupants by installing a safety partition to protect them from loose objects and cargo that could become dangerous projectiles during a sudden change in speed, direction or involvement in a collision. Common sense says a safety partition should always be the first modification made to any commercial vehicle.

Why have Aluminum Ladder Racks?

Superior to steel, our all-aluminum ladder racks reduce weight, extend product life, and eliminate rust. Critical parts are made from specially designed extruded and cast aluminum for extra strength. No rust increases ladder rack life. All fasteners and hardware are stainless steel for superior strength and rust protection. All aluminum parts are powder coat paint processed white to prevent oxidation basic ladder rack design accepts several different configurations to accommodate a second ladder and conduit holders applications for various ladder lengths. Uniquely designed ladder rack clamp mechanism secures any brand of ladder replaceable protective side rail sleeve allows for ease of loading and off-loading protective rubber pads eliminate wear points on the rungs for longer life additional step ladder assembly available to carry step ladders up to 12'